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Protect and grow money that matters™

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Clients come to Fiscal Designs seeking our Peaceful Portfolio® for their 401Ks, IRAs, TSPs and Investments since it provides industry leading potential for growth with protection from losses and no advisor fees.

The Peaceful Portfolio®
is an optimal solution for
clients who are:

  • Unsure where to invest to secure highly competitive rates of return.
  • Worried about losing money from market losses during uncertain times.
  • Tired of paying advisor fees.
  • Frustrated trying to time investments with the market ups and downs.
  • Concerned something must be done and just not sure what’s best.

Peaceful Portfolio®
is the ideal strategy for
clients seeking:

  • Competitive growth and interest from diversified investment options.
  • Guaranteed protection from market losses.
  • A superior option to “Bonds” in a blended Stock and Bond portfolio to reduce risk.
  • A “protected growth” account to safeguard important funds.
  • “Peace of Mind” as it relates to money and investments.
  • Access to “best in class” products from an Independent Agent.
  • 100% of client funds are invested on Day 1.
  • No taxes until funds are withdrawn. A tax-deferred investment solution.

After repositioning
funds into our Peaceful
Portfolio® clients are:

  • Stress-free since not worried about losing money due to guarantees against loss.
  • Relieved about finding diverse investment options to secure highly competitive returns.
  • Excited about no longer paying advisor fees.
  • Ecstatic about not paying any taxes until funds are withdrawn.
  • Elated about income options available to guarantee they can’t outlive their portfolios.

Request an Illustration based on your age, amount and optimal products available in the state you reside.